Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How it goes this year popularity wise should tell us how things will be going in the future

will things still be the same in the future, for all the hopefuls wanting to auditions, and who have had to wait for themselves to be old enough, then hopefully for those who have to wait for these chance there is still that chance with auditions in 2014.

So i was reading a lot of predictions online, about what will be happening this year, so there are some really nice ones, for starters the uk will get a really good summer next year, it is predicted there will be a heatwave next year for the uk.

but one of the not so good predictions was that after the 2013 season, the x factor will then call it a day and there will be no 2014 x factor series after this year.

so it is to be noted that these are just predictions and opinions and not facts, but a lot of people now believe that the x factor will close its doors after this years show ends, i don't think it will though just yet, as it still makes itv lots and lots of money, so why would they axe there best show?, they would at least probably replace it with something similar as the x factor is a "winning" formula for itv, one of there most popular shows ever.

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