Monday, 22 April 2013

x factor 2014 auditions - it looks like there will be a series next year

x factor 2014 auditions - it looks like there will be a series next year

this is because so far for this years x factor the show still looks really popular, and if anything simon cowell's x factor has continued with its world domination, and is in more countries around the world then ever, so the x factor is like no other show in the world really,
and there is not a tv show that has had such success as a franchise.

that is what the x factor has become really a global franchise a bit like fast food in a way, as to find a comparison, so it does not look like this will be the last year for the x factor in the usa or the x factor uk and australia, which are probably the main or biggest x factor contests, not mentioning all the other x factor contests in various countries around the world.

there has been a real doubt floating around though that this might be the last year for the x factor, but how likely does that really look, even if the x factor has a slow year, it is still one of the most popular shows on tv, so there is not a whole lot to replace it with for the tv networks.

so for people who have been waiting until they were old enough to audition for the x factor, and were not old enough to audition this year, for the current series of x factor, they should not worry too much that they might have missed there chance to audition if this was the last ever year of x factor.

because it does not look like this will be the the last ever series of x factor, and it more looks like the x factor will be with us for a few more years to come, so if you are waiting to be old enough to audition in the 2014 x factor auditions, then keep practicing your main audition songs for next year, as it looks like you will get your chance to audition, same goes for the year after.

now this is not a guarantee, but it is just how things look, if you look at popular media, it is all based around this reality tv style format, and that is what the x factor is, it is modern tv or reality tv, and has a whole big following and also fits the programming of what most tv is like the sort of game show to talent contest style tv format, and that is the x factor, and what the x factor is, so i would think it is going to be on tv for a few more years yet.

the reason for this post is there are people who are waiting for there chance to audition, by that i mean people who do not meet the age requirement to be able to audition for x factor, and in the earlier posts in this x factor 2014 website/blog i had posted that there was a chance that the x factor could be in its last season, and this will worry those who have not been able to audition yet and thus they will be worried they do not get the chance.

but don't worry, keep practicing until you can qualify to audition as it does not look like the x factor will be finishing anytime soon, so you should not really worry about that, and it is also best not to worry about things that are out of your control anyway, instead, concentrate on what you can do, and make the most of what you have, that way you are more in line with what you need to be doing in life.


  1. I have been too nervous to try out, and now I have gained confidence and drive to try out. I want to be a rapper,singer,song writer my whole life, and now im ready to show all my talent, and show the world im the x factor. is my email. I am the x factor

  2. Me two I have been curious to show my talent in my most favourite program the x is my email.

  3. cant wait to audition next year! good luck to everyone and remember to keep practicing!

  4. When do audition start

    1. i think it is the same each year, so, this year the first stage auditions started in march/april.

      so for next year i would expect auditions to be starting in march/april 2014.

  5. Hey I auditioned for australias got talent this year n didnt get through, i will be ready for next year thats my email cheers ^_^ i beleive we all have the xfactor!!