Thursday, 6 June 2013

the x factor usa 2014 judge simon cowell is not ready to retire yet

the x factor usa 2014 judge simon cowell is not ready to retire yet, this is probably one of the most telling things regarding the question of will there be a x factor 2014, according to simon cowell it seems certain that there will be a x factor next year.

the creator and judge of x factor usa has said he does not want to retire and that his work is his most important passion in life, everything else is second place, so from these thoughts you can see that he will be working at making the x factor in the usa more of a success and more popular rather then give up and retire, because that is not what simon is interested in.

this is good news for all the people who missed the chance of auditioning for x factor this year, and for all the people who were not old enough to audition for the x factor this year also, as from what i can tell it looks certain that you will get your chance next year.

i remember back over a year ago and there was a rumor that there would not be a x factor this year, but that just turned out to be a rumor and that simon cowell had to renegotiate the x factor usa contract with fox tv, for this current season, which will be the same process this year, where the contract for x factor 2014 will be renegotiated at the end of the current season.

but that does not cause any concern that there will not be a x factor 2014, it is just how they have the contract set up on a yearly basis.

a lot of people last year were worried they would not get the chance to audition this year, because of the rumor that there would be no x factor this year, but as i said earlier that was just a rumor, and i would not be surprised if the same does not happen this year and there be a rumor that there will not be a x factor next year also, but, i would not be too concerned if the rumor resurfaces this year, that this is the last year of x factor because that happened last year and it was just a rumor and not fact.

and also because of the news stories about simon cowell saying how he has no plans at all of retiring from what he does, which the main thing he is doing is the x factor usa, so i would consider that the x factor usa to still be going for quite a while now to be a sure thing.

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