Tuesday, 27 August 2013

is there a x factor arabia auditions 2014 for all of arab world countries to apply?

a popular question for a lot of people who want to apply for x factor from the middle east is, is there a x factor arabia auditions for 2014 for all of arab world countries?.

well there is and was a x factor arab this year, and there should be one next year also, on the website for x factor arab it says the 2014 series is to be arranged, and so it is in the pipeline so to speak.

and this last series this year which started early in 2013 was very popular, and was a return of the series after about a 6 year break from the first two original series, and so i would expect to see the x factor arabia return in 2014.

the x factor arabia is also called "XSeer Al Najah" which means elixir or essence of success, which seems quite a fitting name for the idea behind what the x factor is about.

last year i think the x factor arab had auditions in places like saudi arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon and Jordan, so when the 2014 auditions start, which might actually be near the end of 2013.

i think the first stage auditions for the x factor arab 2014 could actual take place near the end of this year, if they follow the same process for this recent series, because auditions took place in 2012 for this years x factor arab, and the show aired early 2013 then.

because what happens is the first stage auditions where people are auditioned are not before the judges you see on the televised auditions, but actually before the x factor producers, and so this stage is not shown but takes place way before the show goes on tv.

this stage is to first find the acts they will want for the televised auditions, and so you first have to audition to qualify or be chosen to get to the stage of auditions which would be before the judges, this is the same with all the x factor competitions in all the different countries.

where they have these first stage auditions to first select who makes it through to audition before the judges, the reason they do this, is because if they did not, then there would be too many people for the judges to judge on the televised auditions and it would take too long.

and so, there are these pre-stage or first stage auditions as a selection process that is like a first stage hurdle you need to jump with that audition to get onto the televised auditions before the actual judges, so it is not a cake walk to make it far in the x factor.

and it works by reducing the numbers at each different stage, like you see with the televised auditions before the judges, that reduces the amount of people going through to the next stage as well, then there is the boot camp which also drastically reduces the amount of people again, then onto judges houses, which takes the number down to about 12 or 16 people in total who go to the live finals.

so the x factor in essence is like a process of elimination all the way through, and of course where it gets to the final and there is a single winner or a group that wins the whole show.

but, for this year i would think the x factor arab will announce at some point this year when the first stage auditions will be taking place, if they do things like they did last year, possibly they could announce fist stage auditions in november this year or around about that time.

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  1. not sure if they have put up application forms for the arabic x factor yet?.