Saturday, 17 August 2013

judge simon cowell to return to his old haunt and judging in the uk again?

well it looks like there might be a small possibility that, usa judge simon cowell is to return to the 2014 x factor uk auditions and the live shows next year.

there are quite a few news topics floating around at the moment about this, and it is also something i have covered in previous posts in this blog, did wonder if simon cowell would host both the uk and usa shows this year as well, but that does not look like it will happen.

but, what does look like there might be some chance of happening would be for simon cowell to return to the x factor uk next year, especially if you are to believe these current rumors of such out in some recent news stories.

there are also reports that itv who host the x factor uk are desperate to get simon back to judging the uk show.

the bad news is though, that these rumors also tie into the rumors that if the x factor usa does not drastically improve its viewing figures then the x factor usa will be dropped by fox tv after this current series ends.

this is down to how well the show does this year on american tv, fox are said to be edgy on renewing the contracts and only do it on a year by year basis, and so it is all down to performance based contracts on how well the season has gone and how popular the show is, on then whether fox awards another contract for the following year.

this is really bad news for the people who want to audition for the x factor usa in future years, if the contract does not get renewed at the end of this current series this year, this is one reason there is the rumor of simon cowell returning to the x factor uk in 2014.

though these are only rumors, and if the show gets more popular in the usa, then it will be around for more years to come, and simon will probably then not return to judging the uk show, but it is all still rumors and hearsay at the moment as to what could happen in regards to the x factor usa for 2014, and all depends on just how popular this current season is going to be as to whether fox renews the contract for the following year.

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