Sunday, 25 August 2013

the main 3 x factor auditions usa uk and australia and what they are looking for each year

So if you are looking or having to wait to be old enough to audition, so have to wait for the x factor 2014, what you could do as part of your research and practice for next year, is take a look at the 3 main x factor auditions this year with the usa, uk and australian auditions.

And through that work out what they are looking for each year, the auditions are being posted online on there youtube channels especially at the moment the australian x factor auditions are up on there youtube channel, because there live shows start sooner then the uk and the usa x factor's.

But what you can do if you are bored or looking for ways to improve your audition, while waiting for the time to come around in 2014, you have a long wait to audition next year, so in the meantime, you could get a idea on what the judges are looking for this year, by reviewing the auditions as they come online and also are shown on tv when the x factor is back on tv.

in australia the x factor is already on tv, for the uk x factor the auditions start back on tv this saturday coming on august the 31st at 8pm, so when watching, you could also take note on what your audition and style will need to be next year for getting through the audition process.

also to note, though, when auditioning next year, you will first go through a few rounds where you audition in front of the producers and not the actual judges like is shown on tv, the part we will see on tv is the later stages, and the people have already qualified through auditioning in front of producers to get to that stage.

so when you do the "cattle call" stage 1 style audition's before, if you are successful getting to judges auditions, you will want to have your act more streamlined for the x factor producers, then when it comes to the judges be a bit more individual, then you would be in the earlier stages of audition process.

so the people that impress the actual x factor judges are going to be more individual for the tv style auditions, whereas, the previous stages you have to be individual but maybe slightly less so, which is a general consensus i have seen other people elaborate, who have had x factor auditioning experience.

but the main thing is you will be able to pick up clues if you are trying to work out your style or niche you want to fill by watching how others audition on this years shows, it will be good research and not a chore, because you will be looking to make things easy for yourself not more difficult.

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