Thursday, 22 August 2013

the x factor uk is back on tv saturday 31st august auditions begin again

it is that time again, the x factor uk is going to be back on tv on saturday the 31st of august at 8pm when the new look auditions begin again.

the youtube video posted further down the page shows just what the judges are looking for this year, and how the audition process is different then recent years, because, the x factor uk has gone back to its original format of doing the auditions inside a room rather then out in a big arena.

watching this years x factor is also good research if you are looking to audition for the x factor in 2014, as this will give you a heads up on what the judges will mostly be looking for next year, and so you will know what to rehearse to be ready for next year.

so, anyway if you was wondering when the x factor uk would be back on tv, it is not that far away, and will be saturday the 31st of august at 8pm.

this is the new look x factor auditions taking place in a studio/room this year

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