Sunday, 1 September 2013

the new series of the x factor uk 2013 new auditions format this year videos

here is a look at the new series of the x factor uk 2013 which returned to tv last night, they have gone for a new auditions format this year, well, it is also similar to the old format they had quite a few years ago where the acts audition in a room in front of the judges, rather then the big arena auditions of recent years.

these are some of the new auditions and what this process looks like, it is also to note that this is probably going to be the style of auditions for the following years x factor each year.

this is a good audition, where luke britnell sings his own song, so that shows that is a option when you are thinking of what you could do yourself, if you are a singer/song writer then that might be a good idea for next year, to have your own song that you wrote yourself as one of your audition songs.

when you do the first stage auditions you can take a few song options, so at least some of your options could be songs you wrote yourself as well as some of the current chart songs, so in this audition video luke britnell does that for the x factor judges.

also people need to remember that the x factor is for all ages and not just the youngsters, so do not feel put off from auditioning next year if you are older.

here is another popular audition from yesterdays first x factor uk of the year.

in the judges tell that act what he needs to be doing to get it right and get further int he contest, what they are looking for.

first his audition, then the video after where the judges say what he did wrong.

the x factor auditions is back! saturdays AND sundays

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