Thursday, 5 September 2013

when do the usa auditions start on tv the date and time of new series

still quite a wait yet to find out when the usa 2014 auditions start, but, the good news is the new series of the usa x factor starts back on tv next week!.

the start date and time for the new series is the first episode is on wednesday the 11th of september starting at 8pm and will run for 1 hour.

the following day the episode 2 starts on thursday the 12th of september starting at 8pm again but this show will run for 2 hours on the thursday.

also it said to look for a lot of changes on this new series of american x factor.

the judging panel has changed quite a bit for the new series as well, simon cowell will be joined by 3 female judges this year.

the new judging panel is kelly rowland, demi lovato, paulina rubio and only male on the panel simon cowell, is looking forward to the new look judging panel.

paulina rubio new x factor judge


  1. i think simon cowell likes his women.

  2. ok but when does it start for 2014??? and how can I get in without it being a scam??????????
    I feel like I have a lot of talent and I'm ready for whatever those judges have to ay so please let me know...

    1. the application forms are out soon in december, the auditions which you would apply for in advance, start around april or may each year, so you would be looking at the first auditions being april or may 2014.

      they always put the dates out a month or so before so the exact information is usually released in march.