Friday, 29 November 2013

Further introspections and analysis of talent shows on television

The previous post before looked at how talent shows are not all as they appear on tv, when it comes to the x factor auditions 2014 this can be invaluable information for you, if you have never been to audition before and do not know what to expect, and can make the process much more easy.

Some people do sometimes come away disappointed from there experience, and maybe it is best not to build up your expectations too high in advance, or more accurately, you can build up your expectations, but need to know what you will be expecting before hand, so you can channel your energy and enthusiasm in a more productive way.

You need to be enthusiastic to go, but you do not want to get there, and find out things are not what you thought and get deflated by the experience, before you sing before the producers, so you know in advance, this is just a try out, and not the part which is shown on tv with a lot of these talent show auditions, at this stage you are in the try outs where you perform before producers, and it is like that if you get to the next stage also.

A lot of people can end up under the impression that they will be going before the judges in the televised format, this is how it is made to appear, but, you will be going before producers in these early stages, which is how it all works.

Also it will be a hard day or 2 days, so you need to prepare in advance if you are going to apply, in previous posts on this website i explain ways of getting prepared and some ways to make the day as easy and enjoyable as possible, because that is what it should be about, you want it be as fun and rewarding as possible, even if you do not get through to the next stage.

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