Friday, 22 November 2013

Some Truths About The X Factor Auditions Process What Really Happens

Well here are some little known truths about the x factor audition process, not to be anti in any way, just to prepare you for what it can be really like, and what to expect, so you can then do your best, and know what you are going to be signing up for in advance.

So is it like you see on the tv?, well actually the answer is no, why, because the first sets of auditions are not shown on tv, this is what you will be attending if you sign up and register, you will be going to what can be called stage one, or the cattle call auditions.

And this is necessary for the x factor to have it this way, because many 10,000's sign up each year, so there would be way too many for the actual tv judges like simon cowell etc, to process if they were to see everyone in the beginning of the process.

And so, you have to qualify in early stage auditions, first, before you make it to the stages of standing before the televised judges, at a later stage in the competition, you have to get through a few stages to get to the stages that are televised.

So these first stages are not glamorous or necessarily easy, though they are not difficult if you go prepared, some things you will need to prepare for in advance, depending on your circumstances are:

working out travel details in advance.
getting up early to be at the arena on time, usually about 7am at the arena (for a long day).
possible long travel to the venue.
queuing and standing for hours at a arena venue, lot of time outdoors.
take a umbrella.
check the weather forecast as well, and dress appropriately.
audition before the production team at this first stage.

There are at least one more stage and sometimes a call back needed to qualify before the real judges like on tv, so it is not easy to try out, but, this is how the numbers are lowered, so that from 10,000's you have 100's who get to stand before the judges on tv.

So it is not a easy process, and of course not many make it through to get to the later stages, but that is how it works, one stage at a time.

Comments below whether this puts people off or not?, i think it is probably necessary as there would be too many people at the tv auditions otherwise, so the numbers are reduced through these stages.


  1. Hi I would like to go to the xfactor but my family and I dont know where the xfactor is going to be can u tell me i know is in christchurch at the cbs arena

    My name is mihi

  2. My name is Kerry and I would really like to apply next year I was just wondering if there will be any auditions in Hull again, I knows its a while off yet but its so that I know because of not I would have to stay at a hotel the night before to be able to get there in time. I was also wondering how many songs u have to take/ have ready to sing. I just want to know how prepared I have to be to be honest.

    1. they might be, but until closer to the time no one really knows where they will be, they are also in the big cities like london, liverpool, manchester and so on, but the smaller cities can change slightly year on year.

      i think you need to be proficient with at least 3 songs, but 5 would be best if you can manage it, but you should be safe with 3 songs, and try and make them of different styles in case they want you to sing something different.

  3. I'm in the USA. And I am going to try out. Everyone around here calls me Old man or Smackey. I play tge guitar and I have written many songs. I've even played at the palace in Nashville Tn. You know I love everyone. But everyone doesn't love me. I have Tourette Syndrome. However when I sing and play it's gone. Good luck to everyone. But I am warning you ahead of time. I will be the next Xfactor in the USA. Happy Hollidays.
    Mike Winston

  4. My name is Bea and I wanted to know about the Stage One auditions. So I understand what the day consists of, but who do you sing in front of that day? Is it in front of 1 or 2 people or is it in front of whoever you're around (like the people who are in line with you)? I think I want to audition for the 2014 show and I just want a better idea of that part. Thanks!- Bea