Friday, 6 December 2013

the finalists of the x factor usa 2013 last 4 in singing competition

the finalists of the x factor usa 2013 last 4 in singing competition, after the double elimination on thursday with 2 voted off, now down to 4 favorites of alex and sierra, restless road, carlito olivero and jeff gutt. who are into the semi final next week, where i think it is a single elimination, and the final the following week.

so i think there will be 3 in the final for the x factor usa, which looks like it will start on wednesday the 19th of december, so this would put the semi final starting on wednesday the 12th of december.

next week will be week 7 which is the semi finals week, and the week after on the 19th of december will be week 8 which is the finals week of this year, another very close to christmas finish, which kind of makes the x factor a christmas style program in a way, used to be that every year as well that the winner of the x factor would also get the christmas number 1 in the record charts as well.

been one of the best seasons so far of the x factor usa, which should bode well for the series continuing into next year, and the show not being axed as some have feared.

looking at this year could it be simon cowell who wins, as it looks like his act alex and sierra could be the favorites to win this time around, from the groups section, though they are more of a duet than a group as such.

these are the remaining 4 still in this years show, with the semi final next week and the final the week after.

alex and sierra

restless road

carlito olivero

jeff gutt

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