Monday, 20 January 2014

The Best Ever X Factor 2014 Auditions Guide

The Best Ever X Factor 2014 Auditions Guide How To Audition for X Factor 2014

okay, whether this is the "Best" Guide Ever is Subjective, but here are some ideas if you are struggling with the process of auditioning for this years x factor, it is kind of a self help guide, and the main message is you have to look at yourself and work out your own best strategy,
leave questions and answer questions in the comments section at the base of this post, was the guide useful or too much of a ramble?.

Identify Your Weaknesses and Doubts

these will be some of the areas you need to focus on to improve, but not panic about, look at your weaknesses when it comes to singing/auditioning as your strengths and your opportunity to improve, you want to try and make yourself into a all rounder.

Become a all rounder, release your potential and let it flow

singing is all about getting into the moment, and letting the energy flow through you, it will not help you if you are a great singer in private but cannot replicate this in public, like auditions, like wise it does not help your chances at auditions if you are a average singer, but very outgoing, so you are looking for some kind of balance in your approach and style.

How to start?

well this is only a guide, with the aim to wet your appetite, and make you think, this is not where you start, but where you think, then you start, there is so much information online, about confidence, about self presentation, about being the best you you can be, so for you it is a progression a journey.

Search the internet and read other auditions guides

they are so helpful if you are struggling with the idea and what it is all about, i have also done other guides on this x factor auditions blog on older posts, and also searched and read other guides on google, so there is a lot of information out there, your mind is like a computer, so what you focus on, like said earlier work out what your weaknesses are.

then, with the help of good information, you can start to compute and try to increase your chances at doing the best possible audition you are capable of, but, not thinking i have to do my best, as that kind of thinking is a false positive.

you have to have the attitude of i will prepare and learn, working what hurdles and bridges you need to cross, then go about learning how, then it comes back to learning how to let it flow, if your singing is not the best but you can flow and lose yourself in a song, then you need to practice getting better tones in your voice.

so, you need to not emphasize the weak points in your voice, but find how to compensate, look online and youtube videos for free singing advice from experts, because, not many people can afford professional singing advice or tutors, but if you can then that is great and a good way of improving.

What are the x factor judges looking for?

they always say they are looking for the next superstar, aka a popstar, so what does this mean, what kind of style do you need to bring to the audition or the qualities you need to emphasize as you practice to get your audition and try to get that edge.

well, first

you need to remember that you will be attending what is called the first stage auditions, this is the same for the x factor uk and the x factor usa auditions 2014, you go through what the american's also call the "cattle call" auditions.

so you will not be going before the tv judges at this stage, so that should give you a good sigh of relief, so this stage is not going to be so difficult or stressful, but you still want to try and have what these first stage production judges are looking for.

things they will be looking for are your style and appearance, so dress smart, this is important, because it is believed that a lot of good singer have hampered there progression at talent auditions, by turning up scruffy, basically you want to have your own style but not too much, because the judges are looking for someone they can mold themselves, and not someone who is already presenting themselves as complete.

you really need to be smart and casual and clean looking, this is the kind of appearance that impresses the judges the most, so that is a hurdle already in your favor by turning up dressed this way, and so you can feel confident that you are visually what the judges are looking for.

it would be no good turning up with a amazing voice but dressed all wrong, this could stop you progressing further, it is not just a singing contest, but also how you appear, and also radiate, like they talk about star quality, so you need to have your aura in check, and let yourself flow more.

Watch confident people and guides on how to be confident

what do confident people do?, you know the types, that are always leading out front when walking, head up and chest out and shoulders back, i am not saying to walk/strut like a peacock but you can observe these types of people and work out what are there secrets.

you, know you cannot change yourself massively if you are more of a shy person or introvert, that is the way you are, so don't defeat yourself straight off by seeing the impossible, but look for the possible instead and find the little changes that you can make.

look at your aura, to try and find the areas of "star quality" you can bring up, like, if your aura was made up of numbers and a frequency, and what areas you need to add to and subtract or expand.

Come up with your own ideas and research on how improve for auditions

these are some of my ideas, some might gel with you and some probably will not, but, the idea is to use the idea, and think of ways and look for ways online or in books, on self improvement, now, some of you will probably not need to if you have natural star quality, but, for the most of us it takes time and practice, and inspiration.

Be your own inspiration 

now finding inspiration and ideas is very useful, but ultimately you have to be your own inspiration when practicing and training for improvement, your the one who is going to make things happen, this can go back to building up self confidence and all the various methods and stratagem that is available online.

How are you perceived by the first stage production judges?

well, they are there to see you, so you are basically going to audition in front of them, in a attempt to get them to notice you, you do not have very long before these judges either, so you will be wanting to have all your bases covered, so that there is more chance they perceive you in a favorable light and your star qualities are at the forefront for them to see.

they will be judging you, and they judge on more things then just singing, but it is simple what they are looking for at this stage, a good voice, and clean and smart appearance, they know you will be nervous, but you will not want to let that effect your singing though, so practice in advance before family and friends and have them pretend they are judges.

The applying part is the easy part

the process of applying for either the usa or uk x factor in 2014 is the easy part, you basically fill in the online application form for x factor 2014, of course before applying you need to read all the rules and regulations to make sure you are eligible, things like having the correct documents like passports and that you are old enough to audition for the x factor.

So you are going to the auditions and it is the day before

here are a few ideas on things to have in check the day before you go to the auditions, you need everything prepared in advance, this way you will not have worries or a panic the day before you audition, work on a check list, this is a good way of having everything organised and so you do not forget anything.

obvious things, will be having your travel and accommodation arranged in advance, be prepared with some snacks and drinks, and also think about taking a umbrella and if possible a little fold up lightweight chair, you can carry, because you can end up queuing for a lot of hours out side the arenas at x factor auditions, and the umbrella and suitable clothing in case, because you do not want to get caught out in the rain.

Going before the judges

be prepared, you are looking to show them your best, and be the kind of person they are looking for, if you can be, try to be confident and well prepared, know your lines, this will be what they are looking for.

what they are not looking for is if you arrive before them, forgetting your lines, stressed, flustered and physically drained, through poor preparation.

Know your chosen songs through and through

song choice is very important, but what is more important is that you are personally confident with your song and no you can remember it no matter what, so you need to be practicing your songs for the auditions as soon as possible.

the more you practice them in advance, the better you will get at them, and most importantly you will not have any chance at forgetting your lines.

right this is all i have for now, i might update this guide later with some more ideas, leave comments and questions and answers below in the comments section.


  1. Do you know when the XFactor USA audition forms are going to be up and where?

  2. Can anyone pass me the link of the page of the auditions the x factor usa?

    1. they (simon cowell) are really really slow timing, i am worried this could be the end of the x factor usa, there are no forms up anywhere yet?.

    2. They comfirmed the xfactor auditions for the usa, there just alittle slow on they paper work and links.

    3. still a good auditions guide for any of the x factor's really as they are all the same format.

  3. my daughter is 13 years old but turns 14 march 13 2014 can she audition

  4. Depends on what country. I auditioned when i was 12 for the usa xfactor. You would have to read the rules to comfirm though

  5. My daughter is 13 can she audition

    1. Last season in the US there was a girl that was 13 years old and she tried out so yes, she can.

  6. i don't live in the UK but i live in Europe, so can i audition for the x factor uk? Please reply!

  7. Ok, I am going to talk about what I call the Elephant in the room. Or maybe better put, the element in the room. The one that no one wants to admit to.
    The element of chance.
    Now, the first year I tried out I made it through three rounds of auditions. The last was a video round. I was told I would get a letter if I was to proceed. I did not get a letter. So, the second year, I only made it as far as the second round. The second round is much like the first but smaller croud. I kno that i did well because of the look of the assistant's face when I was told no. She had this wtf look, kind of shook her head like what? Darrell was also shocked. He is a musician too. The way I figure it, there are 7000-10,000 people who try out at an audition. Of those, only 1000 will make it through. I don't know. I used to have this all in a nice tidy speech from the first year I did this. Of those, only 800 make it through to the video round. Out of those maybe 20 will move on to the rounds where the actual tv judges are. At least I think that's about right. I may be miscalculating a bit. But really, are we to assume that all the people that get cut are bad singers or look bad? No way. I wathed my particular judge let in many many people, some of which were terrible singers. I believe, or at least I tell myself, that it was just my unlucky number. Perhaps I am right, perhaps not. My one regret is that I didn't ask the judge why I was not let through. I guess I also regret that my attitude with him while addressing my blindness was a little short. I usually know better, but get so sick of being basically asked how to you get up and put one foot in front of the other each morning, instead of what kind of music do i like. I forgot the first rule of being a blind person. You are the only one most of these people will ever meet, and an audition is not the place to give off a bad vibe, no matter how tempting it is to be a smart ass!!! You have to do the dog and pony show, tell them what they want to hear, channel your Stevie wonder. These are producers, after all, and if they are going to work with a disabled person, they want to make sure they aren't a pain in the ass to deal with. Rememer, that while you may not look as your disability as much of a challenge, they *only* see the challenge. You're thinking of TV presence and they are thinking, My god, we are going to have to make sure she knows wehre to stand and how ut to look stupid up there and when to smile and what kind of dance moves to do. It's probably kind of daunting if they even suspect a hint of uncertainty, or too much certainty. Perhaps I was too cocky. So, that's all I have