Tuesday, 1 April 2014

the first open auditions for x factor start on saturday in dublin ireland

the first of the open auditions for x factor uk 2014 start on saturday 5th of april in dublin ireland, so far the mobile auditions have already been underway, but the first of the main auditions for this new season of x factor are starting this coming saturday.

so on the xfactor website it just says you need to turn up on the day to get to audition, so i think even if you have not filled out a application form you can still turn up on the day to the auditions in dublin ireland, you just need to make sure you meet the requirements in advance like at least 16 years old and have the required information like passports and the correct i.d. etc.

which makes it strange for all the application forms process, though if you did submit a video when you applied via application form then that can get you on a faster track to getting through the rounds, but besides that it seems that you do not need to have had done the applications forms really because you can just turn up on the day, (make sure you are early though).

though this is a good thing because there will be people wanting to audition who did not remember or get round to applying online, but do not worry, if you have not already applied online, because you can still attend the open auditions, but need to make sure you have all the correct information and meet all the requirements of course first.

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  1. how and when can i have one audition, i live in seattle and this year i want to be part of the x factor thnaks.
    Best Regards.
    Megamy Bowles.