Sunday, 19 October 2014

X Factor 2014 Saturday Night Live Shows Video of Lola Saunders singing John Lennon's Song Imagine

The X Factor 2014 Saturday Night Live Shows, The is a Video of Lola Saunders singing John Lennon's Popular Song "Imagine", and was one of the successful acts from last nights week 2 live shows,
got a decent viewing count on youtube overnight, which shows that the video was quite popular with people.

though not the most popular of the songs that were sung on last nights live show, it was not also the least, though to be sure this might not mean that Lola Saunders will be safe when it comes to the sunday results show, and who ends up being voted into the bottom 2, just that she might have less chance of going out tonight compared to the acts who had less popularity with there song videos via how many viewers they got on youtube overnight and into sunday morning.

other than that it is difficult to always tell because the x factor uk's official youtube channel does not take comments, for quite a few years now, so in the past when they took a comments section you could see who was the most popular x factor singer from the night before, just by what kind of comments there videos were getting, x factor probably took away the comments section because there would be 10's of thousands of comments quite quickly and they probably did not have the time to moderate them.

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