Sunday, 14 August 2016

how to audition for talent competitions in 2016

i have some good how to audition for talent competitions on this  blog on previous  posts, that  can still be used if you was going to audition for a talent  competition or singing competition whether it is 2016 or 2017.

even though  i wrote  these guides a previous year, the information is still the same or the application and audition process for competitions  is  still basically the same and the judges  are  still looking for  the same kind of things that does not change whether  it is 1990 or 2020, people still look for the same kind of information and judges still look for the same type of auditions or presentations.

when you watch the x factor judges  they basically all look for a certain thing, which is what  i try to cover  in the guides i have posted in the past, they can be summed up into things  like presentation stage presence, and singing  ability just  to name a few.

so the  guides  also describe that it is important to do lots of practice and rehearse  your auditions in advance etc.

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